FullSizeRenderWhat’s a good beer with out a bottle opener…well it’s actually beer you can’t drink. Our friends over at Snake Bite Co. recently hooked us up with one of their signature openers to ensure that we never run into that problem again.

The Original Snake Bite isn’t your average bottle opener. This little guy is designed to improve the taste of your beer with the help of some added ventilation. By using the metal opener that’s shaped like a snake’s fangs (hence the Snake Bite name) you’ll pierce the top of your beer can, creating two tiny holes for extra ventilation. With a Snake Bite the beer will flow better from the can for a nicer sip and pour.

We were very impressed with this little gadget. The Original Snake Bite is easy to use and works essentially on any beer can you’re sipping from. It also has a genuine leather strap (for you fancy folks out there) and is attached to a key ring for easy portability. A few more fun facts:

• The Original Snake Bite emerged from a kick starter and was funded 100% in just 30 hours.
• Co Founders Dan and Kevin went on to create an entire line of Snake Bite Swag and drinking gear – which you can find here.
• And all the bottle openers are made in the USA. #Merica!

If you plan on grabbing a few 30 Racks before the big game next Sunday, we recommend snagging your own Snake Bite. It’s bound to make your cheap beer taste even better!