post-vermont-hard-cider-breweryBeer has held the place of America’s most beloved alcoholic beverage for years, but for an increasing number of people, hard cider has become their drink of choice. As soon as the fall season comes around, cider is everywhere, and it’s not all just apple juice with a kick, there’s a tremendous variety in flavor! We wanted to see what all the fuss is about, so we tasted four different hard ciders in honor of this magnificent fall season.

Woodchuck Hard Cider–Fall Harvest: The guys at Woodchuck Cidery aren’t messing around when it comes to hard ciders. They have been crafting for about 25 years, so they definitely have a knack for churning out delicious boozy bevs. Woodchuck offers a variety of flavors, but we stuck to the season and tried out their Fall Harvest. When it came to analyze the taste, the reviews were as sweet as the little squirrel on the label. If apple and cinnamon got together, this would be their baby. It has a strong flavor that exudes mild spices and fruits, but it’s not overly sweet. From its seasonal flavor to the festive packaging, it’s a real crowd pleaser and the perfect bev for your upcoming holiday party.

Woodchuck Hard Cider–Gumption: If you’re looking for a cider that’s not too sweet and you can enjoy over and over again, look no further. One of Woodchuck’s newest concoctions, this cider combines both American and European cider-making techniques, and the result is a refreshing and traditional flavor with notes of caramel. We adored the hungry squirrel on the Fall Harvest label, but this vintage-circus-inspired packaging on their Gumption cider is pretty amazing. With an average of 9.25 out of 10, we at DIA are confident enough to say this is some of the best and most drinkable cider we’ve ever tasted.

Magners Irish Pear Cider: Don’t let the standard green apple-colored bottle fool you; this cider is made with premium quality pears instead of apples. If you’re looking for something completely different that is simply sweet, then give Magners Irish Pear Cider a go. It’s easy to sip and has a subtle sweetness that we couldn’t get enough of, and with it’s lime green color, it will be a piece of cake to spot in the liquor store.

Magners Original Irish Cider: True to the classic cider flavor, Magner’s Original Irish Cider is stronger and a tad more bitter. If you like your cider super sweet, this one might not be your favorite. It’s a classic, more traditional brew that has earthy undertones and woodsy aromas. It could be a little dry, so we recommend pouring this over some ice. Available practically anywhere, it’s the perfect alternative for a night at the pub when you’re just not in the mood for beer (in theory, it could happen).