Are aliens your thing? Did you watch The X-Files before watching The X-Files was cool? Do you know the difference between Jaws and Space Slugs? Can you name more than three space-based phenomena? If so (or even if no), we have an extraterrestrialtastic alcohol for you to try, and it goes by the name Outer Space Vodka. Yes, this is real, and we were able to get our hands on a bottle to give you the inside scoop.

First, how could you miss this bottle in any liquor store? It screams, “Hey I’m cool and different–let me wet your whistle!” Right off the bat, this exuberant bottle was completely captivating. Whether you want to spook up an average night, or keep the Halloween spirit around for just a little bit longer, it will definitely add some pizazz to your evening activities.

As far as taste, the vodka was pretty standard. To our slight disappointment, the alcohol itself wasn’t green, just housed in a very convincing green tinted bottle. Nevertheless, we carried on, and were happy to do so. While taking shots of this intergalactic offering was fine, we are no longer desperate youths trying to get slammed. So we would most likely prefer it in a mixed drink.

Overall, half the magic with this other-worldly alcohol is in the presentation, so make sure to keep the bottle displayed when you’re drinking. It’s sure to transform your environment into a mysterious, endless universe of stars, planets, and most importantly, aliens. To infinity and beyond, drinkers.