image1Over the past few years, we’ve seen the liquor industry take more and more trips to Flavortown, and it seems like every spirit from vodka to bourbon has been infused with a specialty flavor. Nowadays, it can be hard to weed out tasty flavors from the overpowering ones, but luckily our friends over at the Dark Corner Distillery are doing it right! The distillery turned us on to both Moonshine and their featured line of flavored whisky, Whiskey Girl! Just last week we had the opportunity to sample Peach Whiskey Girl, Apple & Maple Whiskey Girl, and “The World’s Best” Moonshine. So, we figured we might as well share our two cents with you!

The World’s Best Moonshine: Now just in case you are not familiar with the southern classic, we need to note that Moonshine is not for the faint of heart. Coming in at a whopping 50% ABV, Dark Corner Distillery’s Moonshine will send you spinning if you are not careful. At the start we found that the nose of this moonshine can be a little intimidating, immediately making its presence known with the strong scent of fresh corn. However, once you start to sip on the clear liquor, you’ll find that its flavor is as smooth as butter! After working up the courage to give it a taste, anyone can see how this moonshine won award after award. If you’re seeking a quality moonshine that resembles the classic 175-year-old Southern liquor, then we recommend snagging a bottle of “The World’s Best” from Dark Corner Distillery.

Whiskey Girl: Let’s start again with a disclaimer: there are no rules out there saying this whiskey is made solely for women; however, if you are a strapping young man brave enough to give it a try, the liquor store clerk may crack a joke. The Whiskey Girl bottles are very pretty and immediately appealed to our ladies, but once we popped them open, the men also became interested.

First up, Peach! To our surprise the nose of this flavored whiskey is very subtle and did not overwhelm us with an artificially sweet smell. And as it turns out, the whiskey’s flavor is quite similar. The sweetness and flavor of fresh peaches is definitely present in the whiskey; however, it does not dominate the palate. When we enjoyed the whiskey neat, it was very smooth with little to no burn.

Next it was on to Apple & Maple. This flavor definitely has a stronger aroma off the bat, reminding us of warm apple pie and Vermont maple candies. After the first sip, it’s clear to see that this flavor is definitely on the sweeter side, with rich maple notes dominating the flavor profile. If you happen to have a sweet tooth, you’ll love sipping on Apple & Maple Whiskey Girl, especially since it also has little to no burn.

In conclusion, both whiskeys are quite delicious and would be the perfect addition to an array of cocktails. We recommend picking up a bottle before the warm weather arrives; this whiskey would be the perfect addition to summertime spiked ice teas and lemonades.