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Just because the summer season is coming to an end, doesn’t mean we can’t still strive to keep our beach bodies in tact and sip on beverages that are practically made for day drinking on the beach. What we’re really trying to say here is that we plan on adding the low-carb, all natural, AND gluten free Spiked Seltzer to our year-round preferred drink list. When we first caught wind of all the chatter surrounding these bubbly New England based beverages we knew we just had to try them. Luckily enough our friends over in Connecticut were kind enough to send some samples our way, so we could see what all the fuss was about. Let’s just say, we can see why they have had to, not double, not triple, but QUADROUPLE production this summer.

These little babies are available in 4 flavors including West Indies Lime, Cape Cod Cranberry, Valencia Orange, and Indian River Grapefruit. Before popping the tops, our tasters also commented on the bright packaging, explaining that “it makes them want to bring it to the beach”, thanks to the the cute mermaid mascot featured front and center on the can.

When it came time to analyze the taste, the reviews were as bright and bubbly as the packaging. All four flavors have a 6% ABV which they obtain from the natural fermentation of citrus essence and sugar, so it’s not surprising that the seltzer has virtually no alcoholic taste. However, the natural fresh burst of fruit flavor doesn’t leave you hanging. Each crisp flavor was easily identified and as tasty as the one we sipped prior.

Despite the upcoming change in season these little seltzers are now at the top of our list, receiving a 9 out of 10 score from our team. And if we’ve convinced you to give these bubbly beverages a try, we highly recommend picking up the sampler pack to get the full effect of what this rookie beverage has to offer.

Side note: We brainstormed a few flavors we would like to see come down the pipeline soon, just incase anyone was looking for our two cents. Because who wouldn’t love a Boston Blueberry, Bohemian Black Cherry, and Polynesian Pineapple flavor, just saying?

Photo Credit: Spiked Seltzer