Teeling Whiskey

We never say no to whiskey (or whisky) – ever. So when we had the opportunity to taste not one, but two, well let’s just say were itching to get our hands on the bottles. So, what did we try? Check ’um out below:

Teeling Whiskey, Small Batch
If you’re looking for a tasty Irish whiskey, we’ve found one for you to try. Bottled at 46% abv, we found Teeling Small Batch to be a perfect mix of sweet and spice. Right off the bat, we were intrigued by the scent, and the word “caramelly” was thrown around more than a few times during our tasting. We were told it would have “extra character and smooth flavor unique to Irish whiskey” and we couldn’t agree more. The small batch has won Teeling some awards and we can see why. On top of it all, their site is just as intriguing as their whiskey so you should probably go check it out.

Syndicate 58/6
Sticking with the theme, Syndicate 58/6 was also a delicious combo of both sweet & spicy. After the first sip we noticed it had an ultra sweet aroma, with floral notes that really stood out. Don’t let the darker color fool you, this whiskey has a lighter and fruiter flavor, which was a big hit amongst our taste testers. Everyone seemed to comment on the finish, mentioning that it is different than other whiskeys they’ve had before. This whiskeys uniqueness must be due in part to the blend which “includes 18 single malt whiskies and 4 single grain whiskies, containing small quantities of the original blend” it is then “married and matured in 4 year old Oloroso Sherry cask”,  giving it a smooth taste which we instantly noticed. As you know, we’re always up for something new – and we’ll be back for more.