Since most of us are big gin drinkers, you can imagine how stoked we were to get our hands on Brockmans Gin. The bottle promised us it would be “intensely smooth” and the product certainly followed through on that promise. Safe to say, we’re officially fans.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised with the sweet flavor, considering the dark packaging. The initial reaction was pretty much the same across the board; no one expected it to have such a strong (yet, delicious) berry flavor. It was refreshingly fruity – the few of us who don’t regularly drink gin found out they we’re quickly jumping on the bandwagon. It was different from any gin we have tasted before, and we can definitely see ourselves drinking it again.

Over ice was the most favored choice, but we also gave it a try mixed with tonic and ginger ale. We suggest mixing if you don’t have a sweet tooth, we promise you will still be able to enjoy the fruity flavor of the gin.

We plan to try a few of the classic drinks the site suggests next and we have a feeling they won’t let us down.