Let’s give thanks because Pie flavored whiskey is here and it’s just in time for the holiday. Piehole “is a tempting blend of premium whiskey & delicious pie-flavored liqueur” that will remind you of your grandma’s favorite pie recipes. Piehole comes in three flavors: apple, cherry & pecan – no surprise there. We were lucky enough to give all three flavors a shot (see what we did there?) and as promised they were sweet, but not too sweet.

We tried each flavor straight up and á la mode, which means whipped cream was involved. Not surprisingly, apple was the favorite with pecan and cherry following close behind. We can definitely see ourselves shooting some Piehole this holiday season (or all year round) when we’re craving something sweet. Granted, we won’t be shocked if the sweetness is too much for those who fancy themselves whiskey connoisseurs but Piehole isn’t promising to be something it’s not. Oh, and did we mention the pin-up ladies?

Check out some other ways to enjoy Piehole here. Since it’s new, make sure to ask around at your local bar or liquor store so you can slice off a shot!