Spodee: “Country Wine & Moonshine with a kick.” As you know, we are always down to try something new and different, especially if promises a kick. That being said, we were more than pumped to get our hands on Spodee’s white wine, and it didn’t disappoint. It was sweet and packed quite a punch, just as we had expected.

First off, the packaging is effortlessly cool and quite different from any wine we’ve ever seen. Their simple glass bottle with white font isn’t over the top, which served as a reminder that the as promised kick was on the inside. It came complete with a branded tag and recipe for their Spodee Sangria. Their site offers many more recipe options that we to plan try, including a Spodee mojito, shandy, and margarita. Plus, you can also cook with it. Chocolate cake and cream puffs? As if we didn’t love dessert enough already.

We tried their grape wine “with natural pineapple, coconuts & amaretto flavors.” You could smell pineapple the second you removed the lid, which made us think of warmer weather. Over ice, it was sweet and refreshing. We could see ourselves enjoying a glass or two on the beach. A few of us threw in a mixer and found it complemented the flavor of the wine. We suggest this if you have less of a sweet tooth. We would love to give the red a shot and see how it compares. If it’s anything like the white, we expect we won’t forget it.

Overall, we enjoyed Spodee. Knowing how many cocktail options they provide we can see ourselves whipping something up once we see the temps rising. We suggest that if you’re a lover of anything that tastes like summer, it’s time to “wine and shine.”