Fall is in the air and that means the summer ales have to either be chugged or dumped. We’re moving on to Oktoberfests and ciders in honor of this glorious season and all the pumpkin/apple flavored things it has to offer.

Strongbow is an old cider classic that we always go back to, especially this time of year. We grabbed bottles of their Honey & Apple and Gold Apple flavors that recently debuted this year to taste. Here’s what the DIA team thought.

Honey & Apple: As you can imagine, this cider takes like honey drizzled apples soaked in delicious crisp cider. It’s sweet without being overbearing and has a true apple flavor at its core. With a crisp finish and just enough honey, the cider is refreshing and easy drinking. The bottles disappeared in minutes.

Gold Apple: True to the classic cider flavor, Strongbow’s Gold Apple was crisp with the sweet taste of apple juice undertones. It was easy to sip, tasted delicious on it’s own and made us wish we were day drinking in some apple orchard in New England. A drinker can dream.

Needless to say, if you’re a fan of fall flavors and cider pick up one or both of these bottles. They’re on shelves now and make a great seasonal beverage. Cheers.