2 Gingers whiskey review

Where there’s Irish whiskey, there’s a drink in our hand. Straight up, on the rocks, in a cocktail, we’ll drink it any way we can. That’s exactly what we did when 2 Gingers arrived at our door.


Inspired by his mother and aunt (both flaming red heads), Kieran Folliard launched 2 Gingers in 2011. Since then, 2 Gingers has become a favorite, especially amongst the ladies. Here’s what we thought of the blended Irish whiskey:


Smell: From the first whiff of the bottle, the ginger hit us. It’s sweet, spicy and everything you would expect from an Irish whiskey. We were pouring ourselves a glass in no time.


Taste: The whiskey had a sweet upfront flavor balanced with notes of vanilla, honey and ginger. Our whiskey aficionados were pleased and even our non-whiskey drinkers couldn’t resist a glass. It was easy to sip straight but even better in a whisky ginger cocktail that some DIAers mixed up.


Finish: There was definitely a noticeable bite in the finish of 2 Gingers but once you got it on the rocks, it wasn’t as harsh. For those of you that prefer a super smooth finish, we suggest an ice cube or two.


At $21.99, we would suggest 2 Gingers for all of your whiskey cocktail needs. The sweet spicy flavor mixes great with ginger ale or you could slip it in your next Irish Coffee.


Have you tried 2 Gingers? Tell us what you thought of the Irish whiskey.


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