Whether you call them Peppermint Patty shots, Haircuts or Dirty Girl Scouts we’ve all been there with a bottle of schnapps and chocolate sauce. Typically we just reach for a bottle of McGillicuddy’s when we’re looking for a minty refresh but recently a much more sophisticated bottle appeared on our shelves. Meet Berentzen Icemint.

We’re big fans of boozy spirits that pack a punch and that’s exactly what Icemint does. We took one whiff and the minty Altoid-esque scent was enough to get us to pour a taste.

Some of us shot it back, others sipped it over rocks but the DIA team was in agreement that it was delicious. The mint flavor is very strong at first; hitting you like that first gargle with mouthwash but had a subtle sweetness that left us wanting more. There was just the right amount of boozy burn in the finish and we couldn’t help but pour ourselves another. We guarantee you’ll feel the same.

We’re dreaming of slipping this into our hot chocolate this fall or even pouring it over some ice cream. For now, we’re sneaking some into our iced coffee for a minty morning treat.

Pick yourself up a bottle for $24.99. Cheers.