Tequila and beer are two of our favorite things. And anyone who marries them into one bottle is our hero. A few bottles of Desperados arrived for us taste and naturally we couldn’t pop the bottles fast enough.

Desperados, a tequila lager, debuted earlier this year so you may not have even heard of it yet. We’ll forgive you. Being the booze connoisseurs that we are, we had to get our hands on it. Here’s what we thought of the liquored up brew.

When we first opened the bottles of Desperados, it smelled strongly like a Corona with an extra hint of lime. It’s rather sudsy when you pour a glass. Not keg beer level of suds but dangerously close. The real shocker was the taste. Unlike the smell, Desperados was seriously citrusy and had a tangy flavor to it. The tequila notes were sweet, not what we were expecting at all and it kind of reminded us of a lemon-lime soda. All things considered, it was relatively enjoyable. Up against a Corona, we would pick the Corona every time but with a little extra note of salt and tequila, we could sip on Desperados on a nice beach day.

Pick yourself up a six-pack and let us know what you think.