picstitchIf we’ve haven’t made our love for boozy sweets apparent, let us be clear: alcoholic desserts come before all. We’ve had our fair share (including boozy ice cream) and now we’re indulging in a traditional breakfast food that doubles as a dessert.  Introducing: The Drunkin Donut.


Before you start drooling at the pictures, let us tell you a little bit about the Drunkin Donut Co. “Baked responsibly,” they offer boozy donuts, drunkin desserts and alcohol infused truffles. Located in NY, the donuts and desserts are shipped nationwide so you have no excuse. Here’s what we thought of our dessert options:


Drunkin Tiramisu and Irish Cream Donuts: We imagine heaven is filled with an unlimited supply of these donuts. The Drunkin Tiramisu had a sweet subtle flavor with just a hint of coffee liqueur. Paired with the glazed donut, the combo was delicious. The real winner for us was the Irish Cream, which had a great whiskey flavor with hints of creamy sweetness. We could have eaten a dozen of them.


Mudslide Brownie: It has chocolate, caramel and booze – what could be better? The brownie was gooey in the middle with a fudgy texture and topped with the most delicious Mudslide flavored frosting. Topped with caramel and chocolate syrup, we were licking the plate.


Truffles: We were lucky enough to receive both flavors of their delicious alcohol infused chocolates. The Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough were everything we’ve ever wanted in a truffle. Just imagine a boozy ball of cookie dough covered in chocolate. The second, Rum Chocolate Martini, weren’t as great but did the job just as well.


Raspberry Champagne Cupcake: We love a good cupcake and this Champagne flavor was no joke. With hints of raspberry and bubbly, the frosting was a great complement to the vanilla cupcake. Naturally, we devoured them instantaneously.


Clearly, we’re major fans of all things Drunkin Donut. The desserts and donuts come in pack of four with varying and very affordable prices. Do yourself a favor, order them.