Legend says that El Burro Esparkalo, the Sparkle Donkey, delivered liquid salvation to many people in need in small Mexican villages. Sounds far fetched but after taking a sip of Sparkle Donkey Tequila, we were instant believers. We received two bottles of the tequila to taste: Reposado and Silver. Here’s what we thought.


Sparkle Donkey Silver: It’s no secret, we love tequila but we don’t settle for just anything. Some might call us tequila snobs but we know we just enjoy the good stuff. And Sparkle Donkey Silver is the good stuff. When we first opened the bottle, the strong tequila smell had us intrigued. It was subtle without being overwhelming like some bottles can be. Full of flavor, Sparkle Donkey Silver had a smooth finish and barely any burn. In true DIA fashion, we found ourselves wishing we had a lime and some salt for the perfect tequila shot.


Sparkle Donkey Reposado: Naturally gold tinted, Sparkle Donkey Reposado is rested for a few months to give the tequila a smoother, sweeter flavor. When we first opened we could smell the agave even more than in the Silver. We poured the tequila over ice and it had slightly sweet and seriously delicious flavor to it. We could have sipped it straight all afternoon and we couldn’t stop thinking about all of the margarita recipes we’ll be making with Sparkle Donkey.


If you’re a tequila lover (like us) or you love a good Paloma, pick up a bottle of Sparkle Donkey. Both offerings are delicious but we would go with Reposado. The bottles run around $24 a piece which we would be willing to spend for the quality. Have you tried Sparkle Donkey? Tell us what you thought of it.