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Folks. Every now and then, we at DIA get to experience the utter delight of sampling an inspiring spirit. A liquid so flavorful and real that you begin to questions you own identity. Often times, stuff people give us for free is slightly underwhelming. So, when something outstanding walks through our doors, we cherish it. Today, the something outstanding we’re talking about is Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva. For you non-Spanish speakers, that’s code for super authentic rum.

At first glance, this little bottle looks as if you could have dug it up on a Caribbean sand bar with Captain Jack Sparrow by your side. Well, turns out that this rum hails from Venezuela, slightly south of the Caribbean. It’d look great atop any home bar, and would definitely bring some credibility to any newb’s collection. As far as taste and smell, you’ll find quite a bit of complexity: from cinnamon to vanilla to brown sugar to honey. It packs some heat, but goes down smooth and doesn’t burn in the slightest. So, the next time you’re in the mood to sip something straight, this’ll be one of your best bets. Or, if you need a great gift for the rum afficionado in your life, Diplomatico will knock their socks off.