Good news for fans of Irish whiskey: P&H Egan Ltd. has revived its celebrated Egan’s Irish Whiskey after its fifty years of riding the bench. A super premium Irish single malt whiskey, Egan’s vintage brand sets it apart from the many traditional whiskeys that have hit the market recently. Aged for ten years in oak casks, Egan’s Single Malt 100% pot-still Irish whiskey is hand-selected by members of the Egan family. Indeed, Egan’s classic distilling process gives the drink a bold flavor and contemporary feel while still honoring its deep Irish roots.

However, if you’re looking for something a little bit different, then Recipe Number 27 Mad March Hare might be right up your alley. This poitin (an Irish distilled beverage traditionally made from malted barley, grain, treacle, sugar, or potatoes) offers an exciting alternative to whiskey. Distilled in Ireland with premium-malted barley, Mad March Hare is an 80 proof premium Irish poitin which boasts a rich taste. Smooth; yet complex, Mad March Hare is a smart new take on a traditional Irish craft.

The team here at Drinking In America had the privilege of sampling these tasty beverages, and came away buzzing with excitement. Five out of six testers said that they would recommend Egan’s to a friend, praising the Irish whiskey for its smooth finish and traditional Irish bottle presentation. While the whiskey has slight hints of apple and cinnamon, it’s definitely not too sweet. Mad March Hare fared similarly well, as three out of four tasters said that they would recommend the Irish poitin to their friends, noting the rich flavor and contemporary bottle presentation, not to mention its striking similarity to tequila. Truth be told, you can’t go wrong with either one. Two thumbs up from this half-Irish reviewer.