foxtenderWe’ve all been there, elbow to elbow at the bar, trying anything we can to get the bartender’s attention for our drink order. Waiting to order a drink, to pay for the drink, and to get your change can take valuable time out of your night out. We get it—bartenders have a tough job to do and a lot of tasks to juggle, especially if the place is understaffed. But what if there was an automated “vending machine” with a prepaid drink system that could serve you in minutes?

Foxtender hopes to make that happen with their new system. If their Kickstarter is successful, Foxtender will feature a mobile app, smart payment, and geolocation along with ID recognition that prevents serving to those under 21. You can refill your credit through the app and find the nearest Foxtender. It also tracks the number of drinks an individual has per hour over the course of a night, helping you pace yourself when you can’t remember if it was two martinis or three.

Foxtender says it doesn’t want to replace bartenders, simply help them on hectic nights. This ambitious system claims to not only be a solution for busy bars, but could also be used at casinos, hotels, festivals, weddings, private parties, and even fitness clubs. With a drink selection that owners can customize, the Foxtender aims to make everything from margaritas to smoothies. Think Foxtender is the next step in the drink revolution? Check out their Kickstarter here.