Gin cocktails

Okay guys, so you walk into a liquor store with your friends, maybe you make your way to the whiskey aisle. Or maybe you see what tequilas or rums they have. We’re going to assume that most of you aren’t hitting up the gin options and we’re telling you now to reconsider.


Gin has fallen victim to stereotypes in the past and we think it’s time for it to step into the spotlight. Men think that gin is for ladies or old guys. Not true. Just because it has a floral flavor, doesn’t mean it’s only for women. And just because the occasional old man enjoys a G&T doesn’t mean it’s not cool. We don’t feel Gin is getting its fair share of credit from us dudes and naturally we’re here to change your mind.


Here are three gin cocktails (aside from the standard Gin & Tonic) that you should feel good about ordering at the bar:


Gin Martini: Did you know that the original martini’s main ingredient was Gin? It’s because gin has a LOT more flavor than vodka. Real men don’t drink vodka (unless you’re Russian or Polish).


Gin Gimlet: We’re not gonna lie, good Gimlet’s are stiff. It’s like the gin version of a fresh margarita: all alcohol with some fresh lime. You can’t go wrong.


Tom Collins: It’s been served in local watering holes since the 1870’s and there has never been a better time to order a pre-prohibition cocktail. They’re delicious. Drink one.


Now tell us honestly… will you try it?