There’s a classy tequila on the market that you may or may not have heard about – it’s only been around for a few years, but it’s slowly making it’s mark on the luxury beverage sector. It’s called Casa Dragones and it is the brainchild of Bertha Gonzalez Nieves and MTV founder/Clear Channel chairman, Bob Pittman.

Gonzalez Nieves is really hoping it will help elevate fine tequila into the same category as high-end cognac or whiskey. It’s not meant to be used in mixed drinks or rounds of shots in college bars; this tequila is for sipping.

Casa Dragones doesn’t have the bite at the end that most other tequilas have, which makes the thought of sipping a tequila much less stomach turning. It’s made from 100 percent blue agave and it blends white tequila with a hint of extra aged tequila. That is what gives Casa Dragones its platinum shine, as well as citrus and floral notes, with finishing touches of hazelnut and vanilla.

So far we’re not sure how Casa Dragones is much different from other premium tequilas, but we’re intrigued by some of their marketing. They just released a collaboration with Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco. Casa Dragones was served at Orozco’s art openings worldwide, so when he wanted to give people who helped with the exhibition a special gift, he partnered with the tequila brand to create a bottle engraved with his famous “Black Kites” checkered skull. There are only 400 bottles in existence, and they are each priced at $1,850. So, totally affordable. Not.

We think it’s cool to see tequila stepping things up in the luxury market. We love a good whiskey, but we don’t discriminate. Not to worry, we’ll still be licking salt, taking shots of Jose Cuervo, and chasing with a lime. Like we said, we don’t discriminate. What about you?