It’s that time of year again, Baseball Season! Opening Day actually gives a glimmer of hope that summer time is just around the corner and it’s a well known fact that there’s nothing more American than sipping a beer at the ballpark on a warm sunny day. Unfortunately to be that American there’s a steep price to pay at most ballparks around the nation, specifically those on the East Coast!

Business Insider recently shared Team Marketing Report’s average cost of a small draft beer at major league games, which luckily has not increased since last season, coming in at $6.09 a pop. The Miami Marlins are selling the most expensive draft at $8.00, we sure hope it at least comes with some native orange slices! On the other end of the spectrum the Cleveland Indians and Arizona Diamondbacks are keeping it real with $4.00 small drafts for fans to enjoy. When broken down even further, Fenway Park’s the worst offender, charging diehard Sox fans a premium rate of $0.65 per oz. This must still be some lingering curse of the great Bambino…

When it comes down to it you can’t put a price on happiness, aka an ice-cold beer and some baseball, even though the peanuts and cracker jacks may be out of your budget after a few brewskis at the park!