picstitchOf all of our craft brew loves we have to say that Flying Dog ranks pretty high. We’ve always admired their originality, great taste and hilarious names. Not to mention their labels are awesome. We were pumped when we received their new Lucky SOB Irish Red Ale.


The Lucky SOB is a red ale brewed with four leaf clovers to give it an Irish edge right around March 17. The ale was released last month and will run through the end of March.


Unfortunately we can’t love every beer that comes our way. A few of us Flying Dog lovers sat down to try the new brew and were not impressed. At first sip it seemed flat, and lacked the strong flavor of classic red ales. We were actually concerned that something had been altered during the shipping process; it was so uncharacteristic of the brand. We wanted Lucky SOB to be supreme, and it just wasn’t.


Don’t get us wrong, the beer wasn’t the worst we’ve had, but we have high expectations for Flying Dog, and this one just wasn’t the best.


Have you tasted Flying Dog Lucky SOB Irish Red Ale? Tell us what you thought below.