fruity beer



By now you know how we feel about craft beer. If we had to pick our one true love, craft beer would be a main contender. And when breweries release limited edition or special craft brews, we get really excited.


Last week Flying Dog announced two new beers to add to their Brewhouse Rarities series, a collection of one-off beers made from seriously non-traditional ingredients that they release in small batches once a month.


The first, Flying Dog Pineapple Saison, debuts this month. The summer ale is a combo of pineapple, pear and mango brewed from Saison yeast. Our first thought is that this is going to be sweeter than we’re used to. But maybe (just maybe) we’ll love it anyway. The beer will be served on draft only in Maryland, DC and Virginia this month.


When everyone has sucked down the Pineapple Saison, Flying Dog has another beer waiting on the sidelines. Flying Dog Belgian Devil launches this July and we can already tell by the name, that we’ll be stocking up. The Belgian golden ale has subtle hints of pear, apple and banana with an 8.5% ABV. It’ll be served on draft and in 750 ml bottles.


The two releases join beers like Chipotle Dark Ale, Green Tea Imperial Stout and Pumpernickel IPA in the Brewhouse Rarities collection. Would you go for any of these flavors?