We have a thing for drinking toys. While this might seem like a wildly obvious statement if you know us well, we had to say it in order to express our level of excitement over this specific invention. Our jaw is dropped at the sight of Fizzics, a Keurig sized machine, that has the power to bring the perfect ratio of crisp to foam to every canned or bottled beer.

Fizzics can make a draft style beer out of any beer by applying a dose simple science– and for the record, when we say simple, we mean for someone wearing a lab coat, not us. As if poured directly from tap, your beer can taste beer than ever across all categories– texture, smoothness, mouthfeel and even appearance.

Here’s our shot at an explanation for how this works:

Fizzics controls nucleation, beading and disproportionation of bubbles throughout the opening, pouring and drinking process. The system controls the pressure flow of fluid and gas, creating a dynamic that underlies the different phases of fizz. The nifty machine fights nucleation (when CO2 under pressure is released after a can, bottle, or growler of beer is opened) by pouring the beer at a controlled rate to create a uniform bubble size.

Meanwhile, Fizzics controls the beading process by draining the beer under pressure and allowing for the coating of protein molecules around bubbles, preventing them from collapsing the beer head. By controlling the rate at which small bubbles give up their gas to large bubbles, the Fizzics system creates your favorite beer, only better–with optimal fizz, an excellent mouthfeel, and a richer flavor.

Well, here’s the good news. All YOU have to do is insert your beer of choice and let the machine do the work. Donate to Fizzic’s funding and officially bring this mind-blowing invention to the market.