When you’re a world-wide superstar with tons of chart-topping hits, awards and cash, there’s only one natural next step for you: buy a vineyard and create your own wine label. Obviously.

Fergie, Queen Bee of the Black Eyed Peas, has announced her new family wine label, “Ferguson Crest.” Ferguson Crest sounds awfully classy for the girl that once peed her pants on stage, but we’re going to try and keep an open mind here. She purchased the Santa Barbara vineyard back in 2006 and has been prepping for the wine label launch since then.

Although Fergie is the face of the label, it’s really her dad, Pat, and wine maker Joey Tensley, who are in charge of daily wine making operations. They planted the first grapes on a half acre in 2007, and they have since expanded by 6 acres and began harvesting the grapes in 2009.

The wines are now finally available for purchase on the Ferguson Crest website and they seem to have a nice selection.

2010 Syrah – Mingling notes of black pepper, graphite, chocolate, and cassis, this rich red boasts a juicy mouthfeel that gives way to a complex yet balanced finish.
2010 Cabernet – A burst of bright red berry notes up front, polished in the middle and hints at notes of cedar and toasted oak on the finish.
2010 Viognier – Classically floral, lush and round with delicate notes of apricot and lavender.
2011 Viognier – A balanced white with a smooth, round texture on the middle palate and finished with a crisp acidity.
2011 Fergalicious – A red wine blend of cabernet sauvignon, syrah, grenache, and merlot. Syrah grapes contribute notes of spice and pepper, the grenache adds body.

We don’t see this becoming the most popular wine label, but we do find the humor in bringing a bottle of “Fergalicious” to a nice dinner party. We definitely wouldn’t turn down a glass.