It seems like every year there’s a new, weird cocktail fad. This year we are graced with two tummy-turning trends: Cheese and Olive Oil.

Let’s start with cheese. A delicious treat when paired with fine wine or a cracker. We even enjoy it liquefied for fondue. But grilled cheese flavored vodka is pushing it to a level we just don’t feel safe ingesting. It’s getting pretty popular with some bars offering multiple cheesy options. The weirdest part of it all is that customers are actually enjoying them. Maybe it’s an acquired taste?

Then we have olive oil cocktails. Slightly less intimidating, but still a bit confusing. Bartenders claim it adds texture and flavor to your drink, and we say it belongs in on our pasta dish. But who knows, this one could be here to stay. Worst-case scenario? You can dip your Italian bread in it.