Remember when Facebook was the new kid on the social media block and you could send other users gifts? And those gifts were actually just dumb digital birthday cakes and kitty cats that you could post on their page (and sometimes had to pay for)?

Well, looks like Facebook finally got wise and at the beginning of this fall, they re-launched gifts – with real gifts. There are a lot of edible goodies, but of course we found gifts that our drinking buddies would like a little more than chocolate covered strawberries.

Red Wine Tasting Set – $38
This set has six 1.7 ounce bottles of luxury California wines. It even comes with a tasting menu to walk you through each wine.

Beer Making Kit – $60
This is a beer making kit for beginners from MRBEER and it comes with everything you need to brew and bottle beer. The goal of the kit is to make brewing totally easy and fun for a beginner.

Food and Wine Pairings – $38
These are baskets from Wine Country Gift Baskets and they are filled with wine, cheese, chocolate, sea salt and olive crackers, cookies and more. It even has a cute little cheese spreader.

Beermo Instant Party Mustache – $12
These funny little mustaches go around the top of your beer bottle and a) give your beer a mustache and b) give you a mustache when you drink. They come in different colors, so they could be considered the beer version of wine charms.

There are a ton of new gifts on Facebook and they look pretty cool, so we recommend checking them out. Report back and let us know what the best gifts are.