PaperBoyWe’ve drank wine in a bottle, from a can, on draft, in a box and (unfortunately) from a bag. But Paper Boy is bringing the box, bag and bottle together in their new seriously innovative packaging.


GreenBottle, an eco-friendly packaging company based in the U.K., paired up with Truett-Hurst to create the first paper wine bottle in the world. Paper Boy is made using recyclable cardboard with a plastic lining (aka a bag) filled with wine and a screw top. The paper bottle is 85% lighter than the traditional glass wine bottle. Who knew wine bottles were so damn heavy? The best part is you can recycle the paper bottle after you’ve used it. Drinking and being friendly to the environment is the best combo.


Right now, Paper Boy offers a 2012 Red Blend and a 2012 Chardonnay. At $14 a bottle, they’re comparable to any nice bottle of wine you’re going to buy with the added perk of being eco-friendly.


Would you drink wine out of a paper bottle? Or do you prefer the fancy glass for your vino?