The only time your beer should be exploding is if you’re taking part in the age-old tradition of shotgunning. Otherwise, you should be able to crack a beer open without fear of the suds exploding all over you. Unfortunately, one Oregon brewery is falling victim to serious detonation drama.

10 Barrel Brewing of Bend, Oregon recently released a statement saying that two of their beers may be experiencing, “secondary fermentation in the bottle, causing over carbonation.” We all know what that means… exploding bottles. To add insult to injury, the main brew in question is called “Swill.” Their “Beer No. 1” Cherry Tart is also suffering from the over carbonation issues and both should be disposed of immediately. And get this – they suggest wearing protective eyewear and gloves while getting rid of the bottles. Are we detonating a bomb or ditching a few busted beer bottles?

The Oregon brewery assures anyone who has already drank the beer (sans explosion) that there are no health risks. So buyers beware, make sure to get rid of your bottles of Swill.