People who stay in luxury hotels expect a certain level of service, and this applies all the way down to the type of alcohol they are offered during their stay. They anticipate top-shelf liquors, fresh ingredients and high quality service that they wouldn’t necessarily find in their local watering hole. However, some luxury property owners are taking this even further by not just serving outstanding alcohol, but creating their own.


In a recent article by Travel Weekly, they called attention to a growing trend in our nation’s finest hotels. Upscale hotels have long been known for offering their own private-label wines, but this is now extending to house-branded spirits. It may seem like a big undertaking, but by making their brand stand out from other local hotels, these establishments are giving themselves a leg up on the competition. Additionally, many travelers are looking for a more local experience (even if they’re only there on business), so the special liquor gives them a chance to have that. Examples of this include:


  • AKA caters to individuals looking for longer term, extended stay residences in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Washington, DC. They serve a custom vodka called “A.vod” which is quadruple-distilled at Philadelphia Distilling.


  • The Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston has a custom-made Kentucky bourbon that is produced by Angel’s Envy in Louisville.


  • Denver’s Brown Palace produces their own beer because beer is such a huge part of Denver’s culture. Every quarter, Denver’s Wynkoop Brewing Co. produces a batch of beer for the property and they use water from an aquifer underneath the hotel.


This is an interesting trend to watch because with so many hotels to choose from when going on vacation, we wonder if house-branded spirits could ultimately be the deciding factor for some travelers. We can also see this being a big sell for wedding parties who book a block of rooms and want to offer their guests a unique welcome gift.


Would a hotel’s custom liquor influence you to book a stay with them?