There’s something so gratifying about making something with your hands and then being able to enjoy it when you’re done. This, of course, includes booze. We recently came across a handy dandy kit called “The Homemade Gin Kit” (hey, we didn’t say the name was creative.) It gives you all the tools you need to make your own gin at home.

The product was created by two guys in Washington D.C., Joe Maiellano and Jack Hubbard. They both have days job, but we have a feeling this new venture may slowly take over. It started when Maiellano would make tons of batches of gin at home, desperately trying to create the ultimate combo. He got it right on his ninth try and decided to make The Homemade Gin Kit to save everyone else the trouble he originally went through. How thoughtful.

Each kit is $39.95 and comes with:

• One classic 500ml clear Italian glass swing top liquor bottle

• One 250ml clear Italian glass swing top flask

• A spice tin filled with juniper berries

• A spice tin filled with a blend of spices, botanicals and flowers

• A double mesh fine strainer

• A funnel

• And, of course, instructions

They only thing that you need to pick up that does not come in the kit is a bottle of affordable vodka.

36 hours later, you have a badass gin that you can keep all to yourself, or you can give it to someone as a gift and look tremendously classy. The website also sells refills on the spice tins, so you can reuse the kit and keep making as much gin as your little heart desires. Would you get one of these?