To start, a little necessary carrot knowledge:

Some carrots, AKA the good-looking ones who’ve always had everything handed to them in life, get to go to grocery where they’re put on special displays and worshipped by vegans.


The not-so-good-looking carrots, the underdog carrots if you will, used to get composted or thrown away because people, for some reason, require perfection when it comes to their carrots.



According to ABC News, Alice Gorman and Gen Windley of southeast Queensland decided to take those ugly-but-still-beautiful-on-the-inside carrots ad turn them into something even vegans can’t refuse…



To help eliminate food waste, these two women started making carrot bread and even carrot beer out of the “ugly” carrots grown at their farms. But now, with the help of Finders Peak Winery, they’ve created their own carrot vodka.

With 20% carrot in each bottle, Gorman and Windley’s creation has just a hint of carrot flavor, and apparently tastes awesome in a Bloody Mary. Here’s the recipe they recommend: The Scenic Rim Bloody Mary.

It just goes to show, carrots are delicious, and we should actually feel bad for the perfect carrots of the world because their most likely destined to be thrown on the floor because some tyrannical toddler refuses to eat them.