ax42pWe all enjoy a drink at the end of a long day, including the President of the United States. Having the most stressful job in the country takes a toll on a person. We don’t blame the Commander in Chief for needing a cocktail to unwind at the end of a stressful week; we actually encourage it. Here are the first and last five presidents of the US and their favorite drinks to kick back and relax with:

#1 George Washington – Dark Porter

According to Will Weber, “Washington sold whiskey, but he probably rarely, if ever, drank it.” Rather than the hard stuff, the first President of the United States loved to kick back with a dark porter beer, which he would lace with molasses (yum).

#2 John Adams – Hard Cider

By all accounts, the second president of the US loved his alcohol. In fact, he started “almost every morning with a hard cider,” according to Will-Weber. John definitely wasn’t afraid to get after it in early hours of the day.

#3 Thomas Jefferson – Wine

Thomas said in 1818 that “in nothing have the habits of the palate more decisive influence than in our relish of wines.” Of course, Jefferson’s love of expensive wines brought him “to the brink of financial ruin.” Same here, Tom. Same here.

#4 James Madison – Champagne

You could say he was the “Champagne Papi” before Drake was. Madison once said champagne “was the most delightful wine when drank in moderation, but that more than a few glasses always produced a headache the next day.” We feel you, Jim.

#5 James Monroe – French Red Wine

Like Jefferson, Monroe was a big fan of French wine. He preferred red wine and champagne, a thirst that got him into some trouble: “A small scandal occurred during Monroe’s stint in the Executive Mansion when 1,200 bottles of Burgundy and Champagne from France were charged to an account that Congress had earmarked for furniture.” But, seriously, who hasn’t spent their furniture money on booze instead?

And in more recent times…

#40 Ronald Reagan – Wine

Though Reagan was born and raised in Illinois, he eventually migrated to California on the back of a seven-year contract with Warner Brothers studios. While living a life in Hollywood, Reagan developed a taste for California wine. We don’t blame him, that stuff is delish.

#41 George H. W. Bush – Beer, Vodka Martinis

Father to former President George W. Bush and 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush, drank a bit of everything. According to Will-Weber, he often went for vodka martinis and beer. *A man who can do both*

#42 Bill Clinton – Snakebite

A Snakebite is one part cider and one part lager mixed in equal volumes. We’re picturing Hillary and Bill sippin’ Snakebites right now.

#43 George W. Bush – Diet Cola

Bush hung up his drinking pants before he made it to office. Instead of booze, he preferred to drink soda and other non-alcoholic beverages as president.

#44 Barack Obama – Beer

There are plenty of photots of President Obama indulging in a cold beer, many which inspired popular Internet memes. We can’t blame him for slinging a few cold ones back, the guy had a stressful eight years.

Anyone have any guesses what Trump or Hillary’s favorite drinks are?