Etsy is a pretty cool website to find interesting homemade pieces and gifts, but it’s definitely more popular with the ladies. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some good things for guys on the site. Whether you’re looking for something for your boyfriend, or you’re a man shopping for yourself (don’t worry, it’s the internet – no one ever has to know you bought something on Etsy), there are some great drinking accessories we stumbled across.

Here are three of our favorites drinking accessories for dudes:

Game Boy Flask

Flasks are a staple drinking accessory, but not everyone has a sweet Game Boy flask. Carry around 6 oz. of your favorite liquor and also trick people into thinking you still have old school Nintendo gear.

Collapsible Shot Glass

You never know when you may have an opportunity to take a shot, so go back to your Boy Scout days and always be prepared. This stainless steel, collapsible shot glass can go right on your key ring. It just looks like a silver medallion until you decide you’re thirsty – then it pops right up and it’s ready for shots.

Wooden “Drinkin’ Buddy”

First of all, this is manly because it looks like you made it in your woodshop (it would be okay if you lied and said you built it with your bare hands). It’s the perfect carrying case for six 12 oz. bottles or cans, so it’s especially good if you are a home brewer and you want to bring a few to your friend’s house to share. It also has an extended bolt through the top that serves as a bottle opener – and the best part? There’s a hidden magnet right under the bottle opener, so it catches the bottle caps.