Labor Day is for day drinking. When we think of Labor Day weekend it’s imagining a cooler of drinks, a grill and a pool, with all of your friends. But for the urbanites out there you should be bar hopping. While we totally understand wanting to spend the entire night at your favorite bar, you have every other night of the year to do that. Your goal should be to visit as many awesome watering holes on foot as you possibly can.

We came across a pretty cool new website called Pubwalk and it helps you plan the perfect pub crawl in your city. Although it can be fun to drink and just stumble around town looking for new places, there’s also something to be said for planning ahead. Pubwalk doesn’t just cover the best local bars, they have the best late-night eats, too. Score.

Here are a few awesome features of Pubwalk that we think you’re going to like:
• Choose your city and then filter bars by what you’re looking for. The list is pretty substantial, but it includes things like live music, biker bar, dance floor, piano bar, strip club and dive bar.
• It pulls information from CitySearch, so you can also sort the bars by how they have been rated by past customers.
• When you start clicking on bars and add them to your pub crawl list, it will begin to tally your total estimated walk distance, walk time and how long your entire pub crawl will take.
• Your pub crawl is given its own URL, so once you’ve finished, you can share it with friends so you’re all on the same page.

If any of our readers end up trying out Pubwalk, let us know how you like it! Also, we would LOVE if you would share the URLs for any pub crawls that you end up creating.