Good morning South Carolina!

The percentage of people who show up to work hungover is a hard one to gauge because, you know, people are big fat liars. Or at least they don’t want to admit when they’re hungover at work. Estimates range anywhere from 50% to 1.6%.

But today, with the election finally over* there is one state where the percentage of Hungoverians is considerably lower – South Carolina.

That’s because South Carolina is the one state that still bans the sale of alcohol on Election Day. (Kentucky bans it until 6 p.m. but that leaves plenty of time for the Bluegrass State to earn today’s hangover.)

Why, you may ask? Well, back in the early stages of American politics, it was not uncommon for politicians to try to win votes with alcohol. In fact, in 1758, a young Virginia politician spent his entire campaign budget on liquor served to voters. He only went on to become the first POTUS.

So today, as some of us show up for work hungover, whether from celebrating or drowning our sorrows last night, remember, it could be worse. Now get to work South Carolina! You’ve got to pick up the slack for the other 49 today.

 *We wrote this in advance of Tuesday and are assuming we don’t have another Bush-Gore situation on our hands and the election, for the love of God, is really over.