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Unless you’re from New York, you probably have no clue what an egg cream is. The Big Apple classic is an unique concoction of chocolate syrup, milk and seltzer water. Delicious right? Must be a NY thing.


Jonas Bronck’s Beer Company is paying homage to their Bronx roots and creating their very own beer inspired by the egg cream.  Jonas Bronck’s New York Chocolate Egg Cream Stout was created by their culinary brewer by mixing their stout recipe with a special ingredient: Fox’s U-bet chocolate syrup. The chocolately syrup is a native NY dessert classic that’s been making egg creams for years and now is bring added to the brewery’s special stout.


The Chocolate Egg Cream Stout was a hit at the New York City Craft Beer Week this year and has New Yorkers reminiscing about the egg cream. Jonas Bronck’s is still working out the distribution details but the malty stout should be on tap in bars and pubs in NYC around April. The rest of us are going to have to travel to taste this creamy concoction.


Have you ever tried an egg cream? Would you drink that tasted like one?