200Easter parties are always filled with delicious treats, bright colors, and arts and crafts, but the mess after the party usually isn’t as enjoyable. There’s typically paint everywhere, broken eggshells scattered across the house, and egg yolks all over your kitchen floor. However, we might have found a solution to make your Easter party clutter worthwhile. Before you start cleaning up, make sure to save a few of these items because you will definitely be able to use them for future, boozier activities.

Plastic Eggs: These are often used for Easter egg hunts, but we think your leftover plastic eggs could be used for something better: shots! Plastic eggs are the perfect shape to pour mini shots in. You can get even more creative and whip up jello shots or frozen shots in your plastic eggs.

Egg cartons: Most likely, you will have a few empty egg cartons lying around. Before you chuck them in the trash, you can use them for your plastic eggs’ shot tray! It is the perfect thing to present your mini shots in, and they are super easy to decorate if your egg carton isn’t the prettiest color. We’re sure you still have some paint and decorations lying around!

Baskets: You probably bought a bunch of baskets for your Easter party as well. You don’t have to throw them out or in your basement to never be seen again. Easter baskets can be great for putting together a care package with food and wine as a house-warming gift, for example, or as a fruit bowl on your kitchen table.

Peeps: Don’t worry; everyone makes the mistake of buying too many peeps. They’re cute and colorful, but they’re often not the most popular treat on the table. You can use your uneaten peeps for garnishes on your Easter cocktails. They are the perfect substitute for an umbrella, and it can look like they’re swimming in your drink! If you have a ridiculous amount leftover, you can also make tequila or vodka-infused peeps! Just stuff them all in a big mason jar, pour your alcohol of choice, and let it sit for a few hours. There won’t be any leftovers in this batch!