PeepsCocktailWe’re sure you’ve had plenty of candy by now, but how about a cocktail inspired by your favorite Easter candy? Alcohol + Candy = #1 reason for living.


The Toasted Peep


If you look Easter candy up in the dictionary, you will see a giant picture of Peeps. Okay, maybe not, but Peeps are Easter and you’re going to love this toasted peep cocktail.


  • Toast some shredded coconut in a pan over medium heat, stirring constantly until golden brown. Set aside.


  • On a piece of waxed paper, form a nest made from a dollop of Cool Whip. Make an indentation in the middle that will eventually hold the malted milk egg. Garnish with the toasted coconut and place in the freezer for about 30 minutes.


  • Dip a margarita glass rim in water, then in sugar sprinkles.


  • In a cocktail shaker, combine about 1/2 cup ice, 1 oz. DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker, 1 1/2 oz. vodka, 6 oz. of lemonade, and a generous spray of whipped cream. Shake. Pour into your margarita glass over ice.


  • Gently remove frozen Cool Whip nest from waxed paper with a thin metal spatula. Carefully slide nest off of the spatula into the drink. It floats! Place egg in the nest.


  • Garnish rim with a Peep (make a slit in the bottom of the Peep so that it fits snuggly on the glass rim).


Honey Bunny


Chocolate bunnies are an essential part of Easter, but they’re always kind of big and awkward to eat. So why not use them to hold a Honey Bunny cocktail instead?


  • In a cocktail shaker with ice, add 2 1/2 oz. milk, 2 oz. chocolate liqueur, 1 oz. vanilla vodka, and 1 Tbsp. lavender-infused honey syrup (recipe at link above).


  • Shake vigorously until a frost forms on the outside of the shaker.


  • Chop the head off your hollow chocolate bunny and pour the cocktail inside!


The Jelly Bean


This Jelly Bean cocktail recipe is from the famous Serendipity 3, so you know this one is good. They also make this at their restaurant, so if you’re feeling lazy, you can just go there and buy one.


  • In a shaker, combine 2 oz. Godiva white chocolate liqueur, 1 oz. vodka, 1 oz. milk, and 1/2 oz. blue curacao. Shake well.


  • Strain into a champagne glass and top with a jelly bean skewer.