EARTHDayToday the world is celebrating Mother Nature. We aren’t the tree hugging type but we found another way to show our planet some respect: organic spirits. We’ve tasted our share of them and here are the most notable.


Square One Vodka: Their cucumber flavor will make an appearance on our summer drink list for sure. It has a unique and fresh taste, which we enjoy in a vodka soda.


Punzoné: We tasted three spirits from the organic Italian brand: Vodka, Originale and Limoncino. The Limoncino was too sweet, the vodka was decent, but the Originale was smooth and full of flavor when we sipped it over ice.


Eppa Superfruit Sangria: For bottled sangria, it’s not bad. We’re into the “superfruit” ingredients which give it a unique taste.


OM Cocktails: OM Cocktails are not only certified organic but also bottled in recycled packaging and (get this) a tree is planted for every bottle sold. That being said, the taste wasn’t our favorite, but if there is any day we would drink it, it’s Earth Day.


Casa Noble Tequila: Casa Noble is a smooth, rich tequila that was easy to sip. We would recommend it in a fresh margarita (no margarita mix) since the tequila is flavorful and we want to stick with the natural theme. If you’re looking for an Organic Tequila it’s great for Earth Day.