Duff Beer


“Can’t get enough of that wonderful Duff!” Simpsons fan or not, you’ve all heard of Duff Beer.


Homer Simpson’s favorite cold beverage first appeared on The Simpsons in 1990 and people have been trying to copycat it ever since. Countless failed attempts and pleading from fans and now 23 years later, it’s available for the first time in the U.S.


And what better place for Duff Beer to be served than America’s most beloved white trash town, Springfield. Okay, fine it’s not the real thing but Universal Studios (Orlando) has created a park to look exactly like the Simpsons’ hometown. The beer will be served at Moe’s Tavern inside the park and you can even get a Krusty Burger to go with it (another one of Homer’s favorites).


Looks like you’ll have to travel to Florida to get your hands on Duff. But come on it’s been 23 years in the making.