glassThe alcohol you choose to drink is an important choice, but the container that holds your beverage is important, too. In the world of start-ups, better ways to booze are popular with backers. From glasses to enhance flavor and aeration to cups that keep your drink afloat, there’s a lot to be said for innovations in drinkware

The Norlan Whisky Glass, allows you to experience the aroma and flavor of whisky without burying your nose in your drink all night. The science behind the glass—fluid dynamics and bio-mimicry—is paired with a great looking glass that merges a nosing glass and a tumbler. It’s designed to aerate the whisky and reduce the volatility of the ethanol, making for a smoother drinking experience. The Norlan Whisky Glass was refined with the help of master distillers and could be the perfect gift for the whisky lover in your life—although you’ll have to wait until 2016. Their Kickstarter has already raised over $280,000, so don’t miss out on your chance to support this unique glass!

Does the fear of knocking over a glass of wine on a fragile stem freak you out? Aura Glass has a solution. Their stem-less wineglass rests on a stainless steel ball that rotates the glass 360 degrees when you set it down. This aerates the wine by swirling it to blend flavor and aroma. It’s impossible to knock the Aura over and watching the glass spin is definitely part of the fun. Just make sure the room isn’t spinning, too.

If you’re looking for something a little less fancy or just want to indulge in some quality poolside boozing when the weather gets warm, 180 Cup and Beverage Boy have solutions for your non-dinner party needs. 180 Cup is a traditional Solo-style that doubles as a shot glass when it’s turned upside down. The company received an investment from Daymond John on the 5th season of Shark Tank. It’s completely recyclable but also durable, making it the perfect addition to the next time you party like you’re still in college. After the success with 180Cup, Daymond Johnson decided to take a chance on BevBoy, too.  BevBoy took a traditional foam can koozie and added a weighted arm that keeps your drink upright in the water. It’s a simple design that makes pool drinking much easier.

Cups that float, spin, or just make the booze taste better sound like a good reason to raise a glass!