absintheIn a little less than two weeks, many of us will suit up in our finest green attire and then head down to the local pub to celebrate being Irish (or pretending to be.) Today, however, is a dress rehearsal. Instead of little green leprechauns, this day is about little green fairies – yes friends, today is National Absinthe Day.


We are so glad that absinthe has its own special day because up until recently, it was a bit misunderstood. It got a reputation as a dangerous beverage and was banned for nearly a century in the United States. That, of course, makes it even more attractive to us. Hey, we like to take a walk on the wild side.


We love that in absinthe’s renaissance, bars are really embracing it and coming up with interesting concoctions for patrons. It’s usually served with sugar and water, but some mixologists are being more creative. Apotheke, a bar in NYC, has a drink called “Cherry Licorice” and it’s tart cherries, single malt scotch, absinthe essence, house-made cherry bitters and a cherry licorice garnish. Absinthe Brasserie in Houston has a whole menu of absinthe cocktails, including the Hallucinating Melon – absinthe, Midori and Baileys layered and then flamed.


However you choose to drink your absinthe, tell us how you enjoyed it. Happy National Absinthe Day.