Whether or not you have kids, everyone likes to have their own Christmas Eve traditions. However, most of those traditions are pretty wholesome, like building a ginger bread house, or reading “The Night Before Christmas.” That’s precious and everything, but where’s the alcohol? We’re not telling people to go out and get bombed on Christmas Eve, but there are ways to incorporate a good drink into your family fun and create your own Christmas Eve tradition you can look forward to.


On Christmas Eve morning, while you finish making cookies: Make a cocktail that tastes like a Christmas cookie so you’re not tempted to eat a few from the cookie tins you’re supposed to be giving to other people (we speak from experience).


Before you head to Christmas Eve mass: Christmas Eve mass is always beautiful, but after all of the shopping and cooking and wrapping over the past few days, you’re probably a little tired. Make sure you don’t embarrass yourself and fall asleep during church; have this coffee cocktail before hand to make things a little easier.


With Christmas Eve dinner: You don’t want a heavy drink that will take away from your meal, so go for something lighter, but also different – a grapefruit and rosemary holiday cocktail.


While you open a few select gifts on Christmas Eve: Sometimes you get presents that aren’t that great. Sometimes you do, but then you have to sit there and watch other people open their gifts (yawn). Have a cranberry margarita while you wait; it’ll help you feel festive in no time.


Before you go to bed: Christmas Eve is also National Eggnog Day, so don’t let it go by without having a drink to celebrate. Eggnog is kind of thick and can slow you down a little, so have one before bed and you’ll be out like a light in no time.


Whatever your Christmas Eve plans, make sure you have a cocktail to enjoy throughout the day. We hope that no matter what you do or drink, cheers to family and friends this Christmas.