It is no surprise that one of the most popular beers in the US is without a doubt, Budweiser, as well as its lighter counterpart Bud Light. And strangely enough recent studies reported by the tavern-tracking app, Bartrendr, show that 42 percent of Americans can’t even spell the brand’s name correctly!

The app is similar to Yelp in many ways, yet it’s specific to bars, allowing patrons to share and view information about clubs, pubs and dives while bar hopping in real time. While reviewing their data, the analysts over at Bartrendr noticed that many popular alcohol brands were misspelled, ultimately coming to the conclusion that over 100K postings included a misspelling of “Budweiser.” It turns out that America’s favorite beer was commonly misspelled as “Budwiser”, and we are thinking is just MAY have something to do with the fact that folks posting to the app are most likely a little bit tipsy when doing so.

In other findings, Jägermeister was misspelled 90% of the time, and understandably so considering that the spelling of its name is just as confusing as the flavor of the digestif. However, the other commonly butchered brand names left us scratching our heads, including Jameson coming in at surprising 23% (come on people!), Hennessy at 15% and Jack Daniel’s at 6%. All we really have to say is, use spell check, especially when you’ve got a buzz on!