Halloween is one of our favorite holidays because we are able to dress up to show the world how much we love drinking. What could be better than that? Here are a few of our favorites for Halloween 2012.

Group Beer Pong
You’ve probably seen people that dress up like a beer pong table, but this costume goes beyond that and makes it happen for an entire group. Just grab some of your friends, dress like a bunch of Solo cups, bring along a decent sized bouncy ball and let the fun begin.

Boxed Wine
This is another great costume if you’re a) cheap and don’t want to spend a lot or b) having a “fat” day. You’re comfortable, you get to keep your wallet in tact and everyone is going to tell you how awesome your costume is – it’s perfect.

A (Sexy) Beer Can
We all know that girls love to turn otherwise “unsexy” things in to sexy costumes, so we knew we had to appeal to that demographic with this costume selection. This is an easy one, ladies. Get a little tube dress, wrap it up in different colored duct tape and slap on your favorite beer.

Captain Morgan
Dressing up like Captain Morgan is awesome because you get to be a pirate. Period. Except instead of being a boring pirate like some guys, you get to be a pirate carrying around a handle of Captain Morgan.