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This time of year can be exciting for a few different reasons. It’s the start of a new year, the smell of opportunity wafts through the year, and you have 12 months until you have to face your next round of unfulfilled resolutions. It’s also the time of year when we get to watch 27 girls get their hearts broken in a staged quest for love broadcasted to millions of people. That’s right, it’s Bachelor time. So when 8 pm EST roles around tonight, pour yourself an Olivia Pope sized glass of Pinot, and follow the rules to our official Bachelor Season 20 drinking game.

-Drink every time Chris Harrison says “ladies”
-Drink every time Ben says he’s “unlovable”
-Drink every time you see Ben’s dimple
-Drink every time a girl cries
-Drink every time there’s an artsy shot of the surrounding environment
-Drink every time Lace says something betchy
-Drink every time someone brings up Kaitlyn
-Drink every time Shushanna awkwardly speaks in Russian
-Drink every time Becca starts trouble with the “other girls”
-Drink every time the twins do something creepy and annoying aka when they speak at the same time
-Drink every time Olivia talks like she’s on the news because #anchorlife
-Drink every time Mandy wears something on her head
-Chug every time Ben kisses someone
-Chug when Chris Harrison says, “the final rose”
-Finish your drink when Ben tearfully bids ado to the weakest links

Happy gossiping.