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Everyone likes taking shots. Everyone hates cleaning out sticky shot glasses. Sure they’re fun to display in your cabinet, boasting names of every exciting city you’ve traveled to. And the one that looks like a girl in a bikini is always fun to drink from. But there is a better, more delicious way to intoxicate yourself: Edible Shot Glasses.

Some edible shot glasses involve lots of prep and planning, but we’ve found three that are as easy as opening up your cupboard.

Airheads: Grab some candy and throw it in the microwave for 15 seconds to make it easier to mold. Wrap one in a circle and cut another to make a round bottom. Pinch the seams together so that no liquid will escape… then drink.

Strawberries: Slice off the top of your strawberry and dig out the inside to make space for your beverage of choice. It’s basically health food.

Mini Ice Cream Cones: No prep necessary, just make sure you don’t dilly-dally and spring a leak. Melt some chocolate into the bottom for extra support and taste.

Add these to your grocery list and you’ll satisfy your drunk munchies before you even leave the house.