For all of you gamers out there, Christmas came early this year. This morning at approximately 12:01 a.m., the doors opened and you ran to pick up your (probably preordered) copy of the long awaited “Grand Theft Auto V.”


It’s the first GTA release since 2008 and some are calling it the best video game ever made, so why not celebrate with a drink? Since we know you all either called out sick or are counting down the minutes until you can get home to play, grab a beverage while your gaming.


We suggest starting with a cocktail to toast to Grand Theft Auto before the gaming starts. Since you’ll be throwing Molotov cocktails all night in the game, stick with something simple like an Old Fashioned. Once you’ve got your game face on, switch over to beer. These will get you through the streets, stealing cars, starting mayhem, etc. Once you’ve played as much as you can, around 4 a.m. tomorrow, let yourself have a nightcap for all of your gaming dedication.


Best of luck GTA fans, remember to have a drink in hand.