Belvedere Vodka

The world’s favorite alcoholic is switching up his drink of choice. No, Homer isn’t trading in his Duff for a Duff Light. James Bond is making his shaken martini with Belvedere vodka for his next film, Spectre. The partnership was recently made official and you can see the result all over the Belvedere website and bottle.

In the past, Bond has featured Smirnoff, Absoult, and other well-known brands in his glass. Most recently, he took a swig of Heineken, which incited more than a little outrage from his fan base. You can’t really blame them, though. How are we supposed to take a womanizing super agent seriously when he’s drinking beer from a green bottle?

Next time you’re at the liquor store, pick up a bottle of Belvedere to wet your lips. It’s the closest you’re gonna get to kissing a Bond Girl.